Our First Summer 2012 Cohort

Adam Wolf, 2012 Alumni


The Bee2Bee Network Summer 2012 Apprenticeship Program was launched in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in partnership with Workforce Alliance.  That summer 16 underserved students from all backgrounds were gifted with brand new laptops and granted an opportunity to learn about software development at no cost to them or their families

As the first local internship and apprenticeship program of its kind in the country,  The Bee2Bee Network partnered with K-12 schools and local businesses in the community such as Whole Foods Market, Best Buy, The Ritz-Carlton and the Mayor’s office for their endorsement and support for our internship/apprenticeship program.  Our proposal was simple,  we promised that we would produce a software engineer that summer and we delivered! 

That fall, Adam Wolf and his team of Agile Bees continued their apprenticeship with The Bee2Bee Network and were able to develop their first client website for International Singer/Performer and client, Philippe Harrari.  Due to a generous donation from Whole Foods Market and all sponsors, and employers, The Bee2Bee Network gifted Adam with his first Mac Book Pro  and assisted him with setting up his first web development company while in high school!  The Bee2Bee Network later provided  Adam with a glowing letter of reference to his chosen school, Drexel University where he was accepted and graduated with a degree in software engineering in 2018.  Adam Wolf is now a successful Software Engineer for GoPuff in San Francisco, California.  It takes a hive and The Bee2Bee Network continues to create both industry and entrepreneurial opportunities for our Apprentices. 


Adam Wolf, Software Engineer, Go Puff, SF, CA


My son Adam started to work with Yasmine at The Bee2Bee Network while he was still in High School. He had an interest in working with computers but did not have much knowledge when it came to programing. So, I enrolled him in a Summer Youth Program provided by the local Career Center in Palm Beach county.

Adam learned so many cool things. One of the most important things and a turning point for him was when he learned coding. This caused him to change his direction in high school. He was working towards going into Architecture but then decided upon software engineering. He learned how to do AutoCAD and Photoshop and a bunch of other things he was able to pick up on his own because of Yasmine.

Adam graduated High School and got into Drexel University where he studied Software Engineering. He is graduating this June 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. This became his passion he really found something career wise that he was really interested in.

I really feel like had we not made the choices we did back then and had Yasmine not have started the Bee2Bee Network Adam would be doing who knows what and not been satisfied with his academia or career future. I highly recommend this program for other young people and even for adults who do not know what they want to be when they grow up!

Kind Regards,

Sharyn Hancock

Workforce Alliance

Philippe Harari

The Bee2Bee Network Client, International Performer