WASHINGTON—The Bee2Bee Network, founded in 2011, is proud to announce the approval of The Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeship Program, which is the first 4-year Tech-Based Registered Apprenticeship Program of its kind in the U.S. approved by the Department of Labor. The curriculum features Metaverse Software Development and the development of emerging technologies such as Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, E-Commerce, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality, and 3D/Drone capture. This comprehensive program industry value is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree and is recognized by a growing number of progressive higher education institutions as a valuable complement to their traditional degree offerings.  The program entails hands-on custom development of VR (Virtual Reality), AR, (Augmented Reality), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) software solutions developed in collaboration with client and technology industry partners such as Qlik, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Zoom, and Samsung.    The program’s core curriculum offerings also includes, Agile Project Management, Virtual E-Commerce, Blockchain, Virtual/Augmented Reality, AI, 3D Modeling, Content Creation, App Development, User Experience, Social Media, Video Editing, Drone Capture, Business Intelligence/Analytics, and Design. Current Retail client projects include Giuseppe Zanotti, Whole Foods Market, Spa N Party, and GameStop. The program’s lead project is its Lifestyles In 360 patent-pending Metaverse platform which the apprentices are working on. The platform is also the world’s first luxury NFT, (Non-Fungible Token), Virtual Mall & E-commerce Destination Community and includes the soon-to-be-released LifeStyles In 360 Telehealth Health & Wellness application which will feature live remote access to healthcare providers and global health & wellness experts.  

Statement from Yasmine P. Clarke, Founder, The Bee2Bee Network:

  • According to a recent McKinsley report by 2030, the value of the Metaverse could reach $5 trillion.
  • 59 percent of consumers are excited about transitioning their everyday activities to the Metaverse.
  • 57 percent of metaverse-aware companies say they are adopters.

For the first time in history, our signature apprenticeship programs provide the immediate opportunity for unemployed and underemployed workers to qualify for high-earning jobs without acquiring student loan debt as well as for corporations and small business owners to up-skill their employees affordably and efficiently. The Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeships program has a unique solution to adjust the income and opportunity disparities in the technology industry that are currently reflected within our communities. We are different because we are “preparing and empowering” a new class of professionals to work smarter while simultaneously “Building” a New Virtual E-commerce Infrastructure for the country which has never been done before and is long overdue. As industry pioneers, we have been actively building successful virtual technology solutions for over 10 years via our LifeStyles In 360 Platform with a focus on integrating the digital and physical worlds using the internet.

Our goals are aligned with The Department of Labor’s initiatives as Human Capital, employability and sustainability are our primary focus. The many unfilled and high-earning opportunities in the market are a reminder that we must balance technology advancements with a focus on “advancing today’s workers” by iteratively providing them with new transferable skill sets. Our decade-long pragmatic approach and sustainable ecosystem uniquely prepare our apprentices to fill today’s myriad of high-earning job vacancies in the tech industry as well as the new jobs of the future across many industries. For example, our apprentices earn a salary from day one and are provided direct access to employers and wrap-around services such as unlimited free related training, industry certifications, software, laptops, and housing assistance to ensure their completion of our program and their achievement of equitable results.

For companies that do not have the infrastructure, time, or resources to upskill efficiently, our Registered Apprenticeship Program, “offshore-onshore” model is the perfect solution. Therefore, we are leading a consortium for this initiative in collaboration with our clients and employer partners. As an industry-approved Agile Software Development Center of Excellence, our approach is simple. We are inviting technology companies, small business owners, employees, and employers of all sizes, from Wall Street to Main Street to join us as we lead by example in the prioritization of upskilling new and existing industry talent in tandem with building innovative software solutions.

Our many success stories over the past decade include a wide spectrum of apprentices from many diverse backgrounds that have graduated from our program and are now earning six-figure salaries working for leading technology companies and government agencies including starting their own businesses without any student debt. As a priority, our apprenticeship program ensures diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology industry by hiring military veterans, people with disabilities, retirees/career changers, high school, college, and university students, through graduation including youth, foster youth, justice-involved individuals, and traditionally underserved groups such as women, people of color, LGBTQ+ and directly addressing rural communities, local area technology training, and employment needs.

“The Bee2Bee Network takes an innovative approach to address the specific needs within the most forward-looking IT (Information Technology) career paths,” Dug Jones, Program Director, Tech Quest Apprenticeship/Clark University.

The Bee2Bee, (Bee) “Apprentice Coin”- The Cryptocurrency Creating New High-Tech Apprenticeship Opportunities & Jobs 

To sustain this initiative, for many decades to come, the Network has developed the cryptocurrency, Bee2Bee Coin, (Bee), which is the official “Apprentice Coin” and The Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeships $30M Endowment Fund which will generate a permanent stream of capital to support the national expansion of The Bee2Bee Network Registered Apprenticeships Program in 9 states and growing from Orlando, Florida to Washington D.C., California and beyond. “The Bee2Bee Coin, (BEE)” transactions are 100% confidential and registered on the Ethereum blockchain for additional security.

“Due to the Bee2Bee Coin’s forecasted positive economic impact and comprehensive business model which entails workforce development, a new e-commerce infrastructure, stellar cybersecurity features, new jobs, and exponential apprenticeship opportunities, the company expects the Coin to outpace Bitcoin’s market value in less than 5 years,” said Clarke. The exclusive Pre-ICO coins are similar to a 3-year CD, are not exchangeable or sale-able for 3 years after purchase, and are available for sale to institutional investors and the general public starting at ($5, $10, $100, and $1,000) increments including greater denominations at

September 07, 2022 8:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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