Quick Facts About Registered Apprenticeships


A Proven Solution To Recruit, Hire and Train Your Workforce

Registered apprenticeships are an industry-driven training method that combines hands-on instruction with customized on-the-job training. Employers of all sizes have used apprenticeships as a way to incorporate flexible and customized training strategies that are then used to meet the needs of their company. Once established, these effective programs have the potential to reduce turnover rates, increase productivity, lower the cost of recruitment and increase safety in the workplace.


Information Technology

Originally, Florida’s Information Technology industry cluster began to develop in support of the nation’s space program and was further enhanced with the introduction of the IBM Personal Computer in Boca Raton, Fla., in 1981. Today, like the state’s information technology industry cluster from Miami to Orlando has since matured into a diverse hub for technology-related companies. These high-tech businesses include those that specialize in areas such as computer programming, software/application development, cyber security,  simulation and training, and mobile technologies. 


The Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeship program has a national and international presence and is registered in 67 Counties across Florida which enables  us to strategically help new and existing employers efficiently find, upskill and hire the right talent for the right opportunity.